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Dystopia Rising 3.0 Starter Gear

How It Works

Starter Gear allows players to jump right into the action with the appropriate weapons that their character would have. This gear is given out either during a player’s first game, or when a returning player needs gear to get them started. Starter Gear always needs to be safety checked by a Guide before entering play and must be tagged appropriately. There are no cards for Starter Gear. Instead, the tag on the weapon specifies that it’s Starter Gear.

Starter Gear always swings for base damage. This means that Melee automatically do 1 Damage, and Thrown, Bow, and Firearm Weapons do 5 Damage. Unarmed Combat items do 1 Damage but can block melee attacks.Similarly, Starter Armor is always worth 5 Armor Points. There is no way to craft these items. Instead, they are meant for players to get started in the world of Dystopia Rising.

What You Can Get

Below, we’ve listed the maximum amount of Starter Gear that you can come into play with. You will need physical representations for all of these items, since Starter Gear relies on tags rather than cards. Keep in mind that you DO NOT need to have all of these items. Instead, this is simply the maximum number of weapons that you can come into play with as Starter Gear. This is a reasonable number of weapons to have in the post-apocalypse, and it helps prevent someone from coming into play with 500 knives strapped over their body and 100 Thrown Weapons in a giant bag.

1 Firearm OR Bow

60 Red packets/foam darts, or combo of both to the total of 60, can be carried at once for Firearm bullets with player number on foam darts

60 Blue packets can be carried at once for Bow ammo

1 Shield

3 Melee Weapons (Any combination of Small, Standard, Two-Handed)

6 Thrown Weapons

1 Unarmed Combat (Unarmed Combat items always come in pairs of two—one for each hand)

1 Starter Armor (5 Armor Points