From the three year jump.

Year 1:

Teams of Lilly scientists came to survey the land of Seymour. They seemed very interested and intent on finding something, but never seemed to find what they were looking for. They didn’t bother anyone in town and when they were approached, they gave one word answers and looked anxious to get back to their work. 

    After months of searching, widening their search as they went, they seemed to find an area of interest. To the common onlooker, the land looked ordinary. A small clearing with some grass, wildflowers, and a few dandelions. Within a day of their tests, the area was surrounded by Blazehound’s finest. A tall, windowless building was constructed around the clearing and encampments of scientists sprung up in the area. As the months passed, more and more buildings were constructed. As the camp’s needs grew, more people of all types began to settle the area. After the first year, it seemed that there was a small, but active town, which had also begun to serve as a center of trade due to its high consumption.

Year 2: 

The Lilly Scientists continued to work in and out of the windowless building with no discernable progress. One day, the locals noticed a change in routine. The guards seemed more alert and the scientists kept looking around like they were being watched. Rumors started to spread that the Chairmen were coming into town.

The Chairmen were the heads of the Lilly Family that had taken over since Lord and Lady Lilly’s demise, a board comprised of important family members and their spouses. The Chairmen arrived in a flurry of activity and disappeared into the windowless building. Minutes later, each of them stormed out of the building and announced that they would be moving to the town to keep track of the progress. With their move came dozens of other family members and all of the support that the large Pure Blood family required, doubling the town’s size overnight.

    Several miles away, the scholars at IU were fighting off a horde for the 20th consecutive night. Supplies were running low and it seemed that all hope was lost. It was decided that in order to save the library, the books would have to be evacuated through the escape tunnels. The caravan full of books escaped under the cover of darkness and travelled toward the town that had given them so much help in the past. As they approached Seymour, they came across and unfamiliar settlement and stopped to rest. They were greeted by the Chairmen who welcomed them to their town and asked for the traveller’s intentions. Upon discovering the wealth of knowledge that the scholars from IU possessed, they were immediately invited to settle and set up their library. The Librarian felt that this town was more heavily guarded than Seymour so it was decided that they would build their library here. Seymour was a short distance away; they could still visit their allies. The fortified, mostly underground building was erected quickly, the prized books too susceptible to the elements to chance a long exposure.

As the two groups joined, they named themselves Krinos Conservatory and boasted of their pursuits of knowledge and science. 

The Lilly Family did not care what was happening outside of their scientific pursuits. As the town grew, they realized that they needed to maintain some kind of order to make sure that their research could continue. A sign was posted outside the Chairmen’s common building that read:

  1. Do not damage Lilly property or assets.

  2. Do not interfere with Lilly projects.

Violators will need to provide payment of restitution plus punitive fines. 

These laws shall extend within a two hour walk in any direction from Krinos Conservatory.

Year 3: 

Krinos Conservatory was soon considered a small city. Rovers and DJs used the town as a frequent waystation. Outcast Yorkers found themselves there and formed new gangs, reinforced by refugees from towns that fell before the hordes. Strains from every station came to find a new beginning. As Krinos Conservatory grew, they demanded more and more resources. The Lillys would accept nothing but the finest work, but did not think it worth their time to train people in trades. This created disparity between workers. Things became tense between the skilled and unskilled laborers and poverty became rampant for those who could not find training until the Seymour Engineer Corps formed and created a space for people to grow.

    The scientists still frequented the windowless building. The Chairmen still carried a heavy look of disappointment when they investigated the progress inside the building. No one knew what was happening inside, but personnel continued to stream in from Lilly holdings across the wastes.  While the Lilly family continued to think of Seymour as a minor footnote when they thought of it at all, the poorer members of the city turned their eyes to the smaller settlement as a source of resources...some through trade, and some through violence.