Year One at the Landing:

After the battle against King Louis, the Refugees from Fort Seymour took over The Landing. With this action it brought out the old families from the area such as the Wilsons as well as new groups such as Red 13 and the Minister General Isaac from the Garden.

The Wilsons of the Nuclear Family provided assistance as far as setting up the Refugees with deeds for buildings and other areas while Red 13 provided protection against various types of raiders, all for a fee of course. The young Minister General put out guidelines such as “No Psionics or righting on the road.” and various other things.

Throughout the year the Refugees faced threats from the strange crystals that would grow out of the ground as well as a group of cultist that worshiped these Gravemind crystals. This started taking place shortly after the events of Dee Cee.

During the battles between the Refugees and the Crystal Cultist the Refugees learned that King Louis had a scientist who used the children cultist to try and make not only a way to control raiders via the crystals but also a manufactured Gravemind.

The Gravemind crystals started causing serious issues not only with Psionics but with matters of Faith abilities as well to the point that the months of October and November Priest and Psions actually switched. Due to the diligence and sacrifice of the Refugees they were able to stop the crystals and the Crystal Cult.


As always though new challenges faced them....

Year Two at the Landing:

After the new year the people of The Landing started noticing less interaction with the Wilson Family. Come to find out that they had been killed off. It also seems that the warehouses of Red 13 had been robbed. Lawlessness has been spreading like wildfire over the area. 

Other things that have happened is the resurgence of the Red Star strain in the area after so long. With a new year it provides new opportunities for all it would seem. News spreading that Louis was gone has drawn all kinds to The Landing. With more people this also means a rise in zed.

Zed activity has been on the rise due to all of the Psionics that have been happening around The Landing. Especially due to how many evo shots have happened as of late. There also seems