Advanced Professions offer unique and powerful Skills, which is why they're not easy to come by. In fact, most characters will never achieve an Advanced Profession. Yet for those who do, the Skills offered can be powerful assets. There, are, however, a few things to keep in mind when you think about Advanced Professions. 

Advanced Professions shouldn't ever be your character's end goal. In fact, most characters are unlikely to have ever heard of most Advanced Professions. And it's likely that if you're seeking an Advanced Profession, you're just as unlikely to get it. Most characters who achieve one of these Professions end up stumbling into it rather than actively seeking it; remember that its' about the journey rather than the destination. 

Please read pages 247-249 in the Dystopia Rising Survior's Guide. Then read it again and read the entire entry for the Advanced Profession twice you are applying. Ensure you meet and exceed all the requirements. Applying without meeting all the requirements will result in a 90 day inability to reapply to pursue that. By completely the following form you understand your odds of finishing the required steps to obtain that Advanced Profession are rare and are unlikely to be successful. If you fail the process once your application has been accepted you must wait 6 months to reapply again. Questions in regards to this should be directed to Indiana Director- Storyteller Matt Butler

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